What is the average class size for the incoming 1L Dual Class?

We have roughly 90 students in the incoming 1L Dual JD class. 

What is the application deadline for the 2019-2020 Dual JD admissions cycle?

The application deadline for the Dual JD program is May 15 this year. 

When will offers be made?

We will start making offers in mid-December. Please note that the Dual JD Admissions Committee works on the basis of rolling admissions. We will continue to make offers until the class is seated.

How long is the Dual JD program?

The Dual JD program is the only comparative law program of its kind in North America in which student earn two law degrees in only three years.

Given our unique proximity across an international border, Canadian and American Dual JD students complete their law degrees in the same amount of time it takes to complete a law degree from any single JD program in the US or Canada.

Do I pay tuition at both schools?

In the Dual JD program, you attend both Detroit Mercy Law and Windsor Law. You are earning a law degree at both institutions. As such, you are assessed tuition at both schools. Please note that while some fees may increase, your tuition will not be subject to any increase during your three years in the program. 

Is it possible to apply to the Canadian & American Dual JD Program and the single JD Program at either Detroit Mercy Law or Windsor Law?

Yes. Whether your applying through LSAC or OLSAS, please ensure that you check the boxes for both the Canadian & American Dual JD program and the single JD program at either schools. 

When applying through LSAC, please remember to complete and submit the Windsor Personal Profile with your application. 

While applying through OLSAS, please remember to complete and submit the Detroit Mercy Law Supplemental Form with your application.

Are student study visa/permits required for the program?

Yes. Students in the program whether from the United States or Canada are required to obtain and hold a student study visa/permit.

Students seeking entry in the US to study will be obliged to obtain an F1 student visa. While students seeking entry into Canada to study will be obliged to obtain a study permit.

We have an Immigration law firm that works closely with the Canadian & American Dual JD program and will assist our students with the visa process.


What is the travel time between the law schools?

Detroit Mercy Law and Windsor Law are located approximately four miles or six kilometers from each other. The typical travel time ranges from 12 to 30 minutes, depending on traffic at the border. 

Students take classes from both schools each semester that simultaneously satisfy content and competencies for both schools and prepare students to sit for the bar in any American or Canadian (Common Law) jurisdiction.

Can I visit both schools to see if the program will be a great fit for me?

We highly encourage you to schedule a cross-border tour to see both campuses. During these visits, you are able to tour both campuses and get a feel for what is like every day for our Dual JD students. Please contact us at (313) 596-9841 or winbigsn@udmercy.edu to set up your visit.