Dual JD FAQs

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Respond to your Offer of Admission

OLSAS Applicants:

If you applied through OLSAS, please log into your account and follow the online instructions to provisionally or firmly accept your offer by the date list in your acceptance letter and submit a non-refundable commitment deposit in the amount of $500 to both Windsor Law (CAD) and Detroit Mercy Law (USD) by June 1 or the date listed on your OLSAS account, whichever is later.


LSAC Applicants:


If you applied through LSAC, please complete and submit the online Commitment Form and submit a non-refundable commitment deposit in the amount of $500 to Detroit Mercy Law (USD) by the date listed on your offer letter.


Commitment deposits are nonrefundable and will be applied to your tuition.  Failure to respond to your offer and submit your deposit(s) by the above deadlines could result in forfeiture of your seat in the Dual JD Program.

Submitting Official Undergraduate Degree Transcripts

Your offer of admission is contingent upon receipt of your final official undergraduate degree transcript.  Both the Detroit Mercy Law Admissions Office and the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) need to receive your final official transcript from your undergraduate degree-granting institution by August 1. Transcripts need to include the date your degree was granted.


Detroit Mercy Law accepts transcripts at lawadmissions@udmercy.edu or Detroit Mercy Law, Admissions, 651 E. Jefferson Ave., Detroit, MI 48226.

Directions for submitting transcripts to LSAC are available on the LSAC website

Failure to provide transcripts to both Detroit Mercy Law and LSAC will result in forfeiture of your seat in the Dual JD Program and you will be administratively withdrawn from the program.

Student Visa

We welcome all students to the program; however, please be advised that enrollment in the program requires that you be legally entitled to study in both the U.S. and Canada. Visa eligibility is at the discretion of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Canadian Border Service Administration.  For more information, please visit U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and the Government of Canada.

Detroit Mercy Law will facilitate the F1 student visa application process for U.S., Canadian, and Foreign National citizens, as a student visa is required to participate in the program.  Those requiring a student visa are required to complete and submit the I-20 visa application form provided by Detroit Mercy Law, submit original financial support documents, and any other related documents to the program in advance of orientation in order to be issued the F1 visa.   Dual citizens of the U.S. and Canada will not need a student visa to participate in the program.  

Students who are not citizens of the U.S. or Canada may need consular approval for their study visas. If you are not a citizen of either country, please allow additional time for visa processing. You may contact us with any questions or concerns regarding the visa application process.

Your first Canada/U.S. border crossing with your immigration documentation will be scheduled for mid-August. You will receive more information about this process in the spring. Please note that although you may qualify at the onset for a student visa, U.S. and Canadian laws are subject to change and may impact your ability to continue in the program.


Financial Aid

Detroit Mercy Law

It is recommended that all admitted students review the Detroit Mercy Law Financial Aid website. The pages here will walk students through how to apply for financial assistance such as loans, scholarships, and university payment plans. Students are also encourage to reach out to Jessica Rouser at rouserjm@udmercy.edu.


Windsor Law

For further information on financial resources at the University of Windsor, students are encouraged to visit the Professional Programs page on the University of Windsor’s Student Awards & Financial Aid website.


Canadian Financial Aid for Canadian Citizens or Permanent Canadian Residents

Canadian citizen or permanent resident, may be eligible for government financial aid must apply for through their  province of residence. For more information, please review the pages at https://www.canada.ca/en/services/benefits/education/student-aid.html


US Federal Financial Citizens or Permanent US Residents

U.S. citizens or permanent resident applying for federal financial aid must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid—the FAFSA by July 1.  The FAFSA is available at studentaid.gov.  Students who complete a FAFSA after July 1 are at risk of not having their financial aid process by the beginning of the school year.  The Detroit Mercy Law code is 002323; the Windsor Law code is G006689.



Required 1L Orientation, Immersion, and Visa Crossing Day

Students in the Dual JD program will begin their law school experience in mid-August with the processing of their student visa, academic orientation sessions at both universities, and a Comparative Applied Legal Theory and Analysis Immersion course. 

Student Visa Crossing Day:  August date and time TBD

Detroit Mercy Law's Mandatory Orientation:  August 24 - 26, 2020

Windsor Law's Mandatory Orientation:  End of August date TBD

All incoming Dual JD students must attend their crossing session, both orientations, and the Immersion course, as attendance is mandatory. 

Class of 2023 Tuition

Students enrolled in the Canadian & American Dual JD Program pay tuition to both University of Detroit Mercy School of Law and University of Windsor Faculty of Law. One of the unique features of the Dual JD Program is locked-in tuition meaning both universities hold annual tuition constant for the duration of the three-year program.



Fall 2020

Winter 2021

Yearly Tuition

University of Detroit Mercy School of Law*


$12,845 USD

$12,845 USD

$25,690 USD

University of Windsor Faculty of Law**

$8,778 CAD

$8,778 CAD

$17,556 CAD







*Does not include fees. Detroit Mercy Law students must pay semester Student Bar Association dues, and may choose to pay a yearly parking fee. To see the fees please go to: law.udmercy.edu/admissions/scholarships-tuition/cost-of-attendance

**Does not include incidental fees, materials fees, or Law Society fee. To see how the fees are assessed please go to: uwindsor.ca/finance/fee-estimator